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Brought to you by the
SAT experts

Your program is brought to you by Andrew Mitchell, a graduate of Harvard University and holder of a master's degree from the University of Chicago. Andrew was Director of Graduate Programs at Kaplan Test Prep and scored 1590 out of 1600 when he took the SAT.

"I took a number of different courses and nothing really stuck until I took a course with Andrew. Andrew's practical approach and tactical feedback helped elevate my test-taking scores and helped me get accepted to my top MBA program. Thank you Andrew!"
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"Andrew was an engaging instructor who was very articulate and clear in his explanations. His course gave me the confidence I needed to conquer the test."
– Katharine C., Harvard grad

This site is ideal for self-motivated, disciplined individuals. If you require the structure of meeting with a teacher face-to-face, you're welcome here for realistic practice between class sessions. And if you were planning on preparing with books only, you now have a much more powerful tool in your arsenal. We're confident that the questions you practice with here, more than those from other sources, will resemble the ones you face when you sit for the test. For further information on what resources are available to you and how to put them together, see our main course page.