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Module 1 SAT Basics
Unit 1 The Purpose of the SAT
Unit 2 Should You Take the SAT?
Unit 3 SAT Test Sections and Timing
Unit 4 Should You Take the SAT, the ACT or Both?
Unit 5 When to Take the SAT: A Timeline
Unit 6 SAT Test Dates
Unit 7 The New SAT (March 2016)
Unit 8 Skills Required for the SAT
Unit 9 What to Bring on Test Day
Unit 10 How the SAT is Scored
Unit 11 What SAT Score is Good Enough?
Unit 12 How to Send Colleges Your SAT Scores
Various Math Multiple Choice
Various Math Student Produced Response
Various Sentence Completion
Various Identifying Sentence Errors
Various Improving Sentences
Various Improving Paragraphs
Various Passage Based
Various Admissions