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   Math Student Produced Response

Module 53 Math Student Produced Response 1
Unit 1 Number Line
Unit 2 Circumference from Radius
Unit 3 Length of an Exam
Unit 4 Solve and Substitute
Unit 5 Keypad Combination
Unit 6 Burning Calories
Unit 7 Integers Satisfying an Inequality
Module 54 Math Student Produced Response 2
Unit 1 Proportion of Distance Traveled
Unit 2 Possible Values of Two Variables
Unit 3 Volume of a Cube
Unit 4 Arithmetic Sequence II
Unit 5 Profitable Cookies
Unit 6 Area of a Polygon
Unit 7 Conference Schedule
Module 55 Math Student Produced Response 3
Unit 1 Implicit Function
Unit 2 Angles of Two Triangles
Unit 3 Rectangular Fence
Unit 4 Hot Dogs and Cotton Candy
Unit 5 Possible Angles of a Triangle
Unit 6 Inequalities
Unit 7 Evaluation of a Function
Module 56 Math Student Produced Response 4
Unit 1 Supply of a Commodity
Unit 2 Olympic Teams
Unit 3 Equation with Scientific Notation
Unit 4 Integers Satisfying an Inequality II
Unit 5 Boys and Girls in Clubs
Unit 6 Square of a Binomial
Unit 7 Function of a Function
Module 57 Math Student Produced Response 5
Unit 1 Circumscribed Square
Unit 2 Translating to Algebra III
Unit 3 External Angles of a Triangle
Unit 4 Nested Triangles III
Unit 5 Average Grade of 10 Students
Unit 6 Square Root of a Variable
Unit 7 Berry Allocation
Module 58 Math Student Produced Response 6
Unit 1 Bacteria Population
Unit 2 Dimensions of Equilateral Triangle
Unit 3 A Box of Bags of Marbles
Unit 4 Overlapping Sets I
Unit 5 Overlapping Sets II
Unit 6 Keziah's Marbles
Unit 7 Graph of a Parabola
Module 59 Math Student Produced Response 7
Unit 1 Adding Scientific Notation
Unit 2 Terms of a Sequence
Unit 3 Possible Value with Three Variables
Unit 4 Sum of a Number of Numbers
Unit 5 Median of a List of Integers
Unit 6 Computer Lab Percent
Unit 7 Sphere within a Cube
Module 60 Math Student Produced Response 8
Unit 1 Similar Triangles
Unit 2 Cone and Cylinder
Unit 3 Function of a Function II
Unit 4 Girls Enrolled in Six Schools
Unit 5 Median of Consecutive Integers I
Unit 6 Median of Consecutive Integers II
Unit 7 Remainder with a Variable
Module 61 Math Student Produced Response 9
Unit 1 Variables in Denominators
Unit 2 Remainders of Unknown Numbers
Unit 3 A Number Relative to Itself
Unit 4 Slope of a Triangle's Side
Unit 5 Average Typing Speed
Unit 6 Triangle in a Coordinate Plane
Unit 7 Days of Class Missed
Module 62 Math Student Produced Response 10
Unit 1 Tangent Squares
Unit 2 Triangle and Line in a Plane
Unit 3 Distances and Possible Coordinates
Unit 4 Parabola and Rectangle
Unit 5 Word Problems
Unit 6 Cube Made of Cubes
Unit 7 Counting Integers with Certain Digits
Module 63 Math Student Produced Response 11
Unit 1 Percent of Employees