How to Send Colleges Your SAT Scores

How Colleges Get Your SAT Scores

send_SAT_scoresWhen you apply to a college, the admissions committee will be able to see your SAT score only if you have sent your score to that college. Here’s how to send your scores to the colleges and universities of your choice, and even to scholarship programs that you are looking into. You can send your scores during and after registration.

When can I send my scores?

At the time that you register for the SAT, you automatically receive the right to send four score reports, and you can immediately choose four score recipients (colleges or scholarship programs). These choices aren’t final, because you can make changes to your list of recipients up to nine days after you have taken your test. Score reports are free within this period.

If you encounter difficulty in coming up with a list of potential colleges, or if you need to send additional score reports, you may do so after registration by logging on to your MySAT account. Sending scores 10 or more days after your test will incur a fee of $11.25 per report.

You can send additional scores at this page:

Send Additional Score Reports

Since you get free score reports when you register, it’s helpful to know your target schools when you register for the SAT. But before we get to your reporting strategy, we need to discuss Score Choice.

You Have Control Over Which Score You Send (Score Choice)

A score reporting option that takes some of the pressure off the whole SAT process is Score Choice. You can choose what scores you send by test date (for the SATs) and by individual test (for the SAT Subject Tests). The colleges to which you apply will receive only the specific scores that you choose to send. Using Score Choice, you can send only your best scores to make the best impression.

Putting it Together: Score Reporting Strategy

Now that we’ve covered the rules about reporting your scores, we can see that there are two basic strategies for when and how to report your scores:

Strategy #1: If you want to minimize reporting fees, or you are fairly certain that you will report your scores (because you’re confident, or because you’re taking the SAT for the first and last time), you should use the 4 free score reports that are included in your registration. To do that, you’ll need to have 4 school selections ready when you register.

Strategy #2: Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending a little extra on reporting fees, and/or you’re not sure how you’ll do on the test, and/or you’re likely to retake the SAT later (because you’re a junior, maybe), then you should wait and not use your 4 free reports. The reason: you very well might do better the next time you take the SAT. That way, you can use Score Choice to send whichever score is higher and only that score.

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